Tony Richards on why big changes require a leap of faith

How would you go, as a CEO, from asking people to report their vacation to allowing them to take as much vacation as they want, whenever they want? With a leap of faith! Listen in as Tony describes how one CEO did just that and what happened next.

About Tony Richards

Tony is an Agile coach working with a global insurer wanting to become more Agile. Starting his career as a software developer working with Toyota he has a background in Lean and came across Agile in 2010 as part of a test and learn initiative. He is keen to help leaders understand their role in creating an environment where Agile can flourish. To support this he has been working on a game inspired by the research of Michael Spayd and Lyssa Adkins to support this journey.

You can link with Tony Richards on LinkedIn, and see Tony Richards’ posts on Front Row Agile.

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