Stefan Wolpers reminds us that people are the most important part of any success story

Many organisations want to adopt Agile because it supports some part of their world view that existed before Agile was there. In fact we adapt easily to changes that support our world view, so the first question in our mind when joining a new organization should be “why exactly do you think Agile is a good approach for his company?”.

Stefan shares a story of failure that is related to the lack of alignment between what we want (our real goals) and what Agile is about. In the process we are reminded of how people are always the key to any successful transformation.

We also mention the story of Zappos and their adoption of Holacracy.

About Stefan Wolpers

stefan-wolpers-scrum-master-toolbox-podcastStefan has been working as agile coach and product owner for fast growing, mainly Berlin-based startups for about 10 years. He is writing on hiring agile practitioners, Why agile fails?, and curates Age of Product’s “Food for Agile Thought” newsletter.

You can link with Stefan Wolpers on LinkedIn and connect with Stefan Wolpers on Twitter.

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