Anand Murthy’s 3 keys to success as a Scrum Master

The work of a Scrum Master is hard, and not easy to learn quickly. To reach success we must go through our own path of failures and grow our knowledge step by step. However, there are some things we can learn from the failures of others. In this episode we learn about Anand’s journey and his 3 keys to success as a Scrum Master.

About Anand Murthy

Anand is an Agile Coach helping Philips to transform into SAFe, the scaled agile framework. He loves working with People who say NO to Agile transformation and believes that you can only learn when there is some level of chaos. He was also awarded the Agile coach of the year award in july 2016. Three important reasons why Anand is an Agile Coach a) he loves Agile 2) he loves Agile and 3) he loves Agile ..
You can link with Anand Murthy on LinkedIn and connect with Anand Murthy on Twitter.

One thought on “Anand Murthy’s 3 keys to success as a Scrum Master”

  1. Agree with you on the Success criteria. The time required is high but none the less we should aim for that level of delivery where the team says yes we don’t need a scrum master since we can manage the clients requirements / requests. What Else is a very powerful question. Lot of team gets confused with GOAL and DoD.

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