Anand Murthy on the painful journey to become a Scrum Master

None of us is born a Scrum Master. We all must go through a journey to “get it” and put it in practice. Anand shares with us his journey, a failure and a story that will change your mind about Agile transformations.

About Anand Murthy

Anand is an Agile Coach helping Philips to transform into SAFe, the scaled agile framework. He loves working with People who say NO to Agile transformation and believes that you can only learn when there is some level of chaos. He was also awarded the Agile coach of the year award in july 2016. Three important reasons why Anand is an Agile Coach a) he loves Agile 2) he loves Agile and 3) he loves Agile ..
You can link with Anand Murthy on LinkedIn and connect with Anand Murthy on Twitter.

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