Anand Murthy on how to handle Big Egos

Strong, self-centred Egos can create many problems for organizations. In this episode Anand shares with us a story of what Egos can do to stall change and what we can do about it. He also shares his own model for bringing change to an organization.
In this episode we refer to the book Switch, by the Heath brothers. A must-read for all involved in change processes.

About Anand Murthy

Anand is an Agile Coach helping Philips to transform into SAFe, the scaled agile framework. He loves working with People who say NO to Agile transformation and believes that you can only learn when there is some level of chaos. He was also awarded the Agile coach of the year award in july 2016. Three important reasons why Anand is an Agile Coach a) he loves Agile 2) he loves Agile and 3) he loves Agile ..
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One thought on “Anand Murthy on how to handle Big Egos”

  1. I agree we need to address the underlying beliefs. It is challenging to identify the beliefs, it needs time. Totally agree with the Agile Principle. We need to respect people, their views and culture. I am looking forward to implement them :).

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