Pawel Kalinowski on the 3 types of influence we all have

When problems affect our teams, it is often very easy to focus on the problems and the reasons why it is hard or nearly impossible to change those problems. However, that is rarely the case. In most cases we have influence over the situation, even if indirectly. In fact we always have 3 types of influence over the multiple aspects of any problem: Direct influence or the things we can directly affect and/or change; indirect influence or the things we can work on with other people’s help; and finally no influence on certain things. When we act deliberately to define the aspects we can influence we are able to identify many aspects that we have impact on.

About Pawel Kalinowski

Pawel Kalinowski, works with agile software development companies – currently he works with one of the largest software houses in Europe specializing in Python & JavaScript. With a background in capital markets & hedge fund industry, he knows quite a lot about risk management, which he applies in running software development projects.
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