Pawel Kalinowski on 2 tools that help us understand the systems we work with

In order for us as Scrum Masters to understand the systems we work within we must use concrete tools that help us understand the dynamics in play around us. Why don’t teams deliver what is expected. Can we be sure that the source of the impediments comes from inside the team? What expectations from the team regarding external help are not being met? What are the corporate policies that affect our work? Pawel shares 2 tools we can use to explore and understand the system.

About Pawel Kalinowski

Pawel Kalinowski, works with agile software development companies – currently he works with one of the largest software houses in Europe specializing in Python & JavaScript. With a background in capital markets & hedge fund industry, he knows quite a lot about risk management, which he applies in running software development projects.
You can connect with Pawel Kalinowski on twitter and link with Pawel Kalinowski on LinkedIn. You can also follow Pawel Kalinowski’s blog.

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