Nikos Batsios on the success criteria beyond happy teams

Happy teams are more productive, and therefore we should strive to find the conditions that allow teams to be happy. However, that’s only one success factor. There are many more success factors and Nikos reminds us of those as well as sharing his own checklist for Scrum Master success.

About Nikos Batsios

Nikos helps teams and organisations to grow strong in understanding the agile values and principles and applying various practices in their working context. Believing that great teams can achieve astonishing results. Nikos focuses on creating an environment of high quality and humane-relationships, that will further unleash the potential of individuals, enable teams to reach high performance and cooperate towards the same and shared organisation purpose.
Seeing satisfied, high performing teams that exceed their own and their organizational goals, is what motivates Nikos, and makes him want to continue serve them! He is passionate about agile coaching, motivated by learning and experiments.
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