Nirmaljeet Malhotra on the many misunderstanding about the Scrum Master role

Scrum has more than 15 years of history, and has been widely distributed in the world as a software development method for at least 10 years. However, still today there are many instances where the Scrum Master role is misunderstood. Nirmal explains the many misunderstandings he has faced in his work. We refer extensively to the Scrum Guide, a document that still today helps us get back to the most important concepts of Scrum, and evolves to incorporate the many learnings our community has acquired since the first days of Scrum.

About Nirmaljeet Malhotra

Nirmal is a passionate agilist with over 16 years of experience in the software industry and 8+ years of experience in agile. He love to experience the challenges that come with different roles. Nirmal has been a Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Product Manager, Delivery Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach. In his current role, he works closely with the leaders of large corporations in helping them strategize and plan for their agile adoption and transformation initiatives. Additionally, he also works with development teams to help embrace the simple idea of continuous improvement. His most recent passion is in the area of Product Management where he leverages the idea of design thinking as a method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions, with the intent of an improved future result.
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