Yves Hanoulle wants to help Scrum Masters create other Scrum Masters

With his very unique definition of a successful outcome for Scrum Masters’ work, Yves points us to one important lesson: our work does not end, we must help others continue our work.
In this episode we refer to the Tuckman Model of team evolution where the famous Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing stages come from. And we also mention Visualisation as a key tool for us Scrum Masters, and link to the book by Jimmy Jalen with 96 visualisation examples every Scrum Master should know.

About Yves Hanoulle

Yves is all about collaboration. His goal is to inspire people to create more collaborators.
Creating self-sustaining communities from home allows him to spend more time with his kids.
And to get a better work-life fusion. For him agile and communities share a common element called trust. As Yves puts it: “with trust anything is possible, without trust, some things might be possible, yet very hard and expensive…”
You can connect with Yves Hanoulle on Twitter and link with Yves Hanoulle on LinkedIn.

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