Yves Hanoulle on the Anti-Pattern of saying too often YES

Teams want to help their stakeholders and that sometimes leads to saying YES too often and too quickly. This pattern can cause many side effects, for example disappointing important clients and stakeholders. In this episode Yves shares that story and an easy trick to stop saying yes, when you really mean: “no way!”

About Yves Hanoulle

Yves is all about collaboration. His goal is to inspire people to create more collaborators.
Creating self-sustaining communities from home allows him to spend more time with his kids.
And to get a better work-life fusion. For him agile and communities share a common element called trust. As Yves puts it: “with trust anything is possible, without trust, some things might be possible, yet very hard and expensive…”
You can connect with Yves Hanoulle on Twitter and link with Yves Hanoulle on LinkedIn.

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