Top 5 of 2015: Scrum master success is measured in business impact | Dominic Krimmer

The success of a scrum master is measured in business impact, and you should create your own definition of what that impact should be. Dominic explains his ideas of how to create your own definition of success and why, as a scrum master, you should focus on the business, not just the team.

About Dominic Krimmer

Dominic has worked as a Software Developer since 2001, being a Scrum Master since 2009. He has collected many cool experiences in agile methods in different companies like CHIP, Sixt, and HolidayCheck. And has a small Kanban implementation at a manufacturing site in Latin America is also under his belt! 🙂

You can connect with Dominic Krimmer on twitter and visit Dominic Krimmer’s blog.

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