Vasco Duarte and Tim Bourguignon talk about re-teaming and how teams must change over time

A very common “accepted truth” in the Agile community is that teams should be long-lived and stable. In this episode we show a contrary example and talk about how re-teaming (changing team composition) can actually boost the performance of both individuals and teams.

About Heidi Helfand

Tim is a full time geek, agile developer and BS-hunter. International speaker and avid writer, he is curious- and creative-minded, eager to search, teach and talk… and has been doing this for as long as he remembers. French born European child, he lives in Germany where he works as a developer, Scrum Master and Agile coach. When he is not at a computer, you’ll find him behind a camera, in his running shoes or with his wife and son… but never in that order! In his spare time, Tim has been working on a project called Developer’s Journey (link: lately, where regularly sharpens his podcasting skills talking to whoever is willing to about what it takes to become a better developer. And as you can see, he’s up for (almost) every challenge, even trying to make Vasco sweat on his own podcast.

Vasco Duarte is a managing partner at Oikosofy where he wants to change the world, one company at a time. He’s also the regular host for the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast, but after Tim’s performance he is considering if someone else should be hosting the podcast 🙂

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