Vasco Duarte and Tim Bourguignon discuss the reverse successes: when you succeed despite your failures

As Scrum Masters we don’t always know what we should do, what actions we should take, how to help the teams. In this episode we talk about one such story and how, by listening to the team, Vasco was able to help the team despite all the mistakes he had to go through before that success.

About Heidi Helfand

Tim is a full time geek, agile developer and BS-hunter. International speaker and avid writer, he is curious- and creative-minded, eager to search, teach and talk… and has been doing this for as long as he remembers. French born European child, he lives in Germany where he works as a developer, Scrum Master and Agile coach. When he is not at a computer, you’ll find him behind a camera, in his running shoes or with his wife and son… but never in that order! In his spare time, Tim has been working on a project called Developer’s Journey (link: lately, where regularly sharpens his podcasting skills talking to whoever is willing to about what it takes to become a better developer. And as you can see, he’s up for (almost) every challenge, even trying to make Vasco sweat on his own podcast.

Vasco Duarte is a managing partner at Oikosofy where he wants to change the world, one company at a time. He’s also the regular host for the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast, but after Tim’s performance he is considering if someone else should be hosting the podcast 🙂

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