Woody Zuill on the TINO pattern (Team In Name Only)

The word team is often abused. Many teams do not meet the basic requirements of what it means to be a team, yet they are called a team, and expected to behave like a team. Woody discusses such a team and explains what are the key aspects that make a team a real team.

About Woody Zuill

Woody Zuill, an independent Agile Consultant, Trainer, Coach, and Guide and has been programming computers for 30+ years. As a pioneer of the Mob Programming approach of teamwork for software development he has been sharing presentations and workshops on Mob Programming for conferences, user groups, and companies all over the world. He is considered one of the founders of the “#NoEstimates” discussion on Twitter.
You can connect with Woody Zuill on LinkedIn or contact Woody Zuill on Twitter.
If you are interested, check the MobProgramming conference.

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