Pedro Torres talks how most of his learning’s came from failures

Pedro explains us how he learned more with failures than with success. In his opinion, a good Scrum Master must have the ability to deal with failure well, because failure is the only road for learning. He believes that failure is so important the he would rather hire someone that has gone through several failures and learned several lessons than someone that was always successful. In his opinion, people that are always successful learn as much as the ones that fail often and have the ability to learn from their mistakes.

About Pedro Gustavo Torres

Pedro Gustavo Torres is an Agile Coach @ SONAE, in Porto, Portugal.
He started his agile quest in 2010. He’s a seasoned Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Trainer. He also has experience acting as a Scrum Product Owner. He’s passionate about scrum, agile and all the practices that can help teams deliver early value to their customers. He is also quite techie and a gadgets fan. You can find him in linkedin. He writes his learning’s on his blog. His twitter: @_pedro_torres

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