Henri Karhatsu on why Scrum Masters need to learn to be patient

A Scrum Master must be able to perform at many levels when working with a team. One of those levels is self-discipline and self-control. In this episode we discuss the need to learn to be patient. Sometimes we are too eager to propose solutions, and then bad things happened because we did not consider the team in our actions. Henri presents two tools that can help you learn to be patient.

About Henri Karhatsu

Henri is a consultant at his own company Karhatsu IT Consulting in Helsinki, Finland.
He is a very experienced software developer that has worked for and with many clients over his career. He’s also been exploring how to improve our industry of software development and sharing his learnings in his blog.
You can connect with Henri Karhatsu on LinkedIn, and reach out to Henri Karhatsu on Twitter.
Henri Karhatsu’s blog.

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