Amitai Schlair on how to “enter” a team

Amitai tells us the story of a team that was too large, and had an “inner team” that prevented anyone from influencing the larger team. We discuss the meaning, and impact of power structures inside teams that tend to perpetuate self-destructive behaviors.
Today we play one more Agile in 3 Minutes episode that talks about certain topics that are in line with the story Amitai shared with us. Today’s Agile in 3 minutes episode is episode #15, titled “Influence”.

About Amitai Schlair

Amitai is a Software development coach, and legacy code wrestler, non-award-winning musician, award-winning bad poet, and creator of Agile in 3 Minutes, which is a great podcast about what Agile really is about. A must listen for anyone interested in Agile Software Development.
You can link with Amitai Schlair on LinkedIn and connect with Amitai Schlair on Twitter.

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