Ebenezer Ikonne warns us that helping the team is not enough

The team is the center point of the Scrum Master’s attention. But this is not enough for us to be successful as Scrum Masters. We must focus on the system the team is part of. In this episode we cover how to view the team within that system and how to help the team, and beyond.
We discuss the PDCA cycle which was popularized by Deming, and discuss the role of management within a system.

About Ebenezer Ikonne

Technology enthusiast. Change artist. Culture hacker. People focused. Helping organizations provide their employees with the most meaningful and fulfilling experience they could have while delivering solutions that change the world. Ebenezer is also a Tech Director at Mannheim.
You can link with Ebenezer Ikonne on LinkedIn, and contact Ebenezer Ikonne on Twitter. You can also read his thoughts on Agile on his blog.

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