Anton Zotin on why teams need conflicts to evolve

Conflicts are part of the journey of any team. In this episode Anton explains the case of a team where conflicts were not addressed, and they became a source of problems for the team.
We discuss in this episode several Retrospective exercises that can help you address the conflicts by creating a more empathic atmosphere: the Journey Lines Exercise and The Constellation Exercise.
The Nonviolent Communication book by Rosenberg is also mentioned in this podcast.

About Anton Zotin

Anton is an Agile guy born in cold Siberia but with hot and passionate heart. He has worked in all sorts of companies and environments, and has been an agile fan since 2004. Nowadays works and lives in Berlin. And he deeply believes in people.
You can connect with Anton Zotin on LinkedIn, or find Anton Zotin on twitter. You can also ask him questions over email.

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