Matthias Seul tells us that relationships is the KPI for Scrum Masters

What are the KPI’ for us as Scrum Masters? Matthias mentions several KPI’s he looks at to evaluate his work as a Scrum Master. One stands out: Relationships. How do you measure relationships and their quality? That’s what we discuss today.

About Matthias Seul

Matthias worked 10+ years as software developer and gravitated towards coaching in recent years. He is a tech enthusiast, board gamer, inventor and wild duck. Matthias believes in intrinsic motivation – thus he believes in Agile. He says that “together we can make projects a more fulfilling and successful work environment for all involved”.
You can link up with Matthias Seul on LinkedIn, and reach Matthias Seul on twitter. Matthias is interested in your questions and feedback, and you can reach him via email as well.

One thought on “Matthias Seul tells us that relationships is the KPI for Scrum Masters”

  1. This is a great podcast of KPI and Scrum Masters and will be very helpful for people who are currently learning Scrum to prepare for the CSM certification and also for Scrum Masters who require more knowledge of KPI.

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