Claudio Perrone defines agility in a very concrete and actionable way

What does it mean to be more Agile? Claudio has a very concrete definition of agility that you can start using today to measure how agile is your team. His definition: the more experiments you run, the more agile you are. After all experiments lead to learning, and learning leads to adaptation. Evolve as quickly as a virus, not as an elephant!

About Claudio Perrone

Claudio is an independent Lean & Agile management consultant, entrepreneur and startup strategist. You may know him for the amazing cartoons he creates for his presentations or, perhaps, for A3 Thinker, a deck of brainstorming cards for Lean Problem Solving. These days he focuses on PopcornFlow, a brand-new continuous evolution method for personal and organisational change.
You can connect with Claudio Perrone on twitter, and see Claudio Perrone on LinkedIn. These days Claudio is focusing on his latest work: PopcornFlow, a method by which you can Learn how to establish a continuous flow of small, traceable, co-created, explicit change experiments. For you, your team, your organization.

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