Stefano Porro describes the importance of asking why before getting started

We very often jump to the action straight away and without asking why. But is that wise? How can we create a mindset that leads to results if we don’t know why we are working on something? Stefano tells us a story of how he discovered, and changed his work to always start by asking why, or giving the “why” to the teams he works with.

Stefano mentions some of this favourite books about Agile:

About Stefano Porro

Stefano Porro Scrum Master toolbox podcastStefano is from Turin, Italy. He has worked since 2001 in IT projects and he feels lucky because he does what he loves. He learned about Scrum in 2007 when the company where he was working decided to adopt Scrum. For the first two years he was part of a Scrum team, and he was fascinated from the role of the Scrum Master because he always loved to help team’s members. For him, becoming a Scrum Master, was a natural evolution.

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