Jon Eversett explains how the way you define work, defines team culture

Team culture is affected by the organizational culture, as well as individual culture. It is therefore important for us, as Scrum Masters to realize that the way we allow work to be defined will directly affect the culture of the team. Jon explains how the deep gap between skills makes agile adoption harder, and affects how the team tackles the work they need to deliver.

About Jon Eversett

scrum_master_toolbox_podcast_Andy_Deighton Former Business Analyst, Product Owner wannabe, currently a Scrum Master. Jon works with teams with different maturity levels and some relatively new Product Owners. You can find Jon Eversett on LinkedIn, or interact with Jon Eversett on Twitter. You can read Jon Eversett’s blog to find out more about his ideas on the role of the scrum master and all things agile.

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