Dominic Krimmer explains how to reveal the system to the system itself

If you are to help change it, you must reveal the system to the system itself. Dominic explains his approach to uncover the system conditions that block the team’s progress, as well as what he’s learned about how to create the right conditions for the teams to grow within their environment.

About Dominic Krimmer

scrum_master_toolbox_podcast_Andy_Deighton Dominic has worked as a Software Developer since 2001, being a Scrum Master since 2009. He has collected many cool experiences in agile methods in different companies like CHIP, Sixt, and HolidayCheck. And has a small Kanban implementation at a manufacturing site in Latin America is also under his belt! 🙂 You can connect with Dominic Krimmer on twitter and visit Dominic Krimmer’s blog.

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