Mario Lucero explains how taking ownership can make the difference for agile teams

Scrum masters help teams when they create an environment where teams can, and are willing to take ownership and responsibility for what they deliver. Teams that take ownership are then ready to start solving their problems.

About Mario Lucero

Mario Lucero is an Agile evangelist who wants to help people adopting agile (Kanban or Scrum). He’s worked with Agile since 2010 in a distributed software development environment.You can find Mario Lucero on Twitter. Mario Lucero in LinkedIn. Mario also writes a blog at:

2 thoughts on “Mario Lucero explains how taking ownership can make the difference for agile teams”

  1. Hi Mario, great podcast interview.
    One question about the team you mention,that had not enough user stories.
    It seems that the product onwer did not attend the retrospectives (as you proposed during the retro to have a cup of coffee with him after the retro to explain the discuss the problem).
    Would you say that not having the Product Owner attending the retro is one impediment for the team success? Did you find a solution to that problem?

    thanks again for this great podcast series.

  2. Hi Nicolas

    I had to talk to my Manager and he decided to hire a full time Product Owner because the old has many other duties and projects as well. The real issue is there is not a real Product Owner at this time, they used to work as developer, business analyst, etc so they have to work with a double role that is not the ideal situation.

    If you have any doubts don´t hesitate to reach me on Twitter (metlucero), Skype (metlucero) or by gmail (

    Thank you for listening the pod.


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