Dimitris Dimitrelos shares his 4 benchmarks for Scrum Master success

Dimitris has had a career both as a Project Manager as well as a Scrum Master in the organizations he’s worked in. As part of that longer personal journey he has defined a set of aspects he comes back to regularly to assess his own success. Listen in to learn what he still applies from his Project Manager journey as well as the new principles he picked up after adopting Agile Software Development.

About Dimitris Dimitrelos

Dimitris has been practicing, teaching and preaching Agile and Scrum since 2011. He has been working in the software industry for many years as a project manager, a PMO head and an Agile coach. He holds a degree in Computer Science, a PhD in High Performance Computing and an MBA, and has been certified as a PSM-I and PSPO-I by Scrum.org. Dimitris is an active member of the Agile Greece community.

You can link with Dimitris Dimitrelos on LinkedIn and connect with Dimitris Dimitrelos on Twitter.

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