Dennis Mansell explains how happiness index can be a useful measure to define Scrum Master success

Dennis tells us how he uses a technique known by Henrik Kniberg – happiness index in his daily work. He also explains how important it is to understand what people inside of the team say; he believes that part of a Scrum Master role is to create a good environment within the team. If there are many things being said in a negative way the Scrum Master has a lot of things to do in order to improve the team performance.

About Dennis Mansell

Dennis did not start his working life as a developer, but as a sailing yacht skipper and owner of a sailing school and he still trains yacht-racing teams. He always supplemented his sailing job with application maintenance, web development and project management. He has since settled down: based in Amsterdam with his wife and son. Now he works as a full-time Scrum Master and Agile Coach for companies ranging from start-ups to the Dutch governmental institutions. His linkedin and twitter: @dennmans.

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